We create original content to understand our society, to build bridges of communication and to provide winds of change.

Every time we face a new challenge we do it from a stand of conviction and passion: reality is made of loose pieces, we are the ones that put them in order.

Surreal was founded on 2000 by Cristián Leighton and Daniela Bunster in Santiago, Chile. Since then we have created films and tv series about different realities in over sixty countries around the world.

Cristián Leighton

Creator y director of feature lenght documentaries and television series. He’s been recognized in film festivals of the likes of Fidmarseille, IDFA and Miami. In his natal Chile he’s been awarded the Altazor Award, the “Bicentenary Award”, for his contribution to chilean television, and the “Honour Medal” granted by the Chilean Senate.

Daniela Bunster

Executive Producer with studies in education and pedagogy. She has developed more then a dozen documentaries for film and television that have been shot in over forty countries. Her work has been recognized with awards, official selections and grants in national and international film festivals. Her projects have been coproduced alongside the likes of the Ford Foundation, Direct TV and the Jan Vrijman Fund.